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SL County explanation of new tax an example for others
08/08/2012, Deseret News

Public Safety Funding About to Change
07/30/2012, KCPW

Hearing set for public safety tax increase
07/30/2012, Salt Lake Tribune

Tax Increase to Replace Law Enforcement Fee
07/23/2012, KUTV

Look who is raising property taxes in Utah
07/22/2012, Salt Lake Tribune

Property tax to replace politically unpopular law enforcement fee; other taxes detailed
07/22/2012, Deseret News

Turnout light for hearing on police funding plan
12/06/11, Salt Lake Tribune

Police tax
12/02/11, Salt Lake Tribune

Herriman, Riverton join police service area
12/01/11, Salt Lake Tribune

S.L. County ready to dump police fee, boost taxes
11/29/11, Salt Lake Tribune

Herriman votes to join UPD tax district
9/8/11, Salt Lake Tribune

Riverton votes for UPD tax district annexation
09/06/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Unified Police
08/18/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Property tax to replace unpopular S. L. County police fee

S.L. County Council moves to replace police fee with property tax
07/19/2011, Deseret News

Salt Lake County looking to swap police fee with property tax
07/19/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

After Salt Lake County police fee, then what? Public divided
07/11/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Replacing Police Fee
05/24/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

A Fee Or A Tax?
05/24/2011, Deseret News

Property Tax Hike Could Cover Police Fee
05/23/2011, KCPW

Property Tax Increase
05/23/2011, KSL

Police Fee Will Go, But Property Tax Might Follow
05/23/2011, Connect2Utah

Police Fee Options
05/23/2011, ABC4

Presenting Police Fee Options
05/23/2011, Fox 13

Property Tax Hike Saves Money?
05/23/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Raise Property Tax?
05/23/2011, Deseret News

Without Police Fee?
05/23/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Goodbye, police fee; hello, mystery tab
05/4/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

S.L. County police fee will die; question is when
02/24/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Deal To Cut Salt Lake County Police Fee
02/24/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

A Utility Tax for Salt Lake County?
02/14/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Bill Aims To Dump Police Fee Now
02/11/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Bill Banning Fee Passes Utah House
02/08/2011,Deseret News

Anti Fee Bill Picks Up Steam
02/08/2011, KCPW

House Votes to Eliminate Salt Lake County Police Fee
02/08/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Some members of the Utah Legislature and the Salt Lake County Council are determined to drive a stake through the heart of the law enforcement fee in the unincorporated areas of the county
02/04/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Bill Sets Deadline for County to End Controversial Fee
02/01/2011, KCPW

House looking to end unpopular police fee
01/31/2011, Salt Lake Tribune

Bill scrapping Salt Lake County police fee gains House committee approval
01/31/2011, Deseret News

Salt Lake County's police fee may disappear after 2011
11/16/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake County reserves show healthy gains
11/10/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Corroon budget plan: Pay hikes, reduced police fee
10/27/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

The Police Fee

Thousands Not Paying Bill For Unified Police Service

Thousands Falling Behind on Police Bills
7/09/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Thousands Delinquent on Police Fees

Increase in Sales Tax Revenue Allows For Police Fee Reduction
7/08/2010, Millcreek Journal

Salt Lake County Reduces Police Fees

County lowers Unified Police fees

Salt Lake County Council enables Unified Police Department fee decrease
6/15/2010, Deseret News

Payers to get a break on police fee
6/15/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake County feels good about 2011 budget
6/08/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Police Price Tag; County fee is fair, but misunderstood
5/14/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Sunset the police fee, tax attorney urges Salt Lake County
5-11-10, Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake County Councilman Jim Bradley defends police fee to taxpayers association
5-11-10, Deseret News

Salt Lake County waives late fees for Unified Police Department customers
5-8-10, Deseret News

Police fee system very confusing, not transparent
5-8-10, Deseret News

Salt Lake County waives late charges, extends deadline for residents to pay police fee bills

Salt Lake County extends due date for police bills

Police fee troubling
5-6-10, Deseret News

Unpaid Police Service Fees in Salt Lake County

1 In 4 Salt Lake County Police Bills Unpaid

Late payers to get second chance on first police bill
5/06/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake County waives late fees for Unified Police Department customers
5/06/2010, Deseret News

Unified Police bills going unpaid; businesses call fees unfair

13,000 ignore their Salt Lake County police bill
5/05/2010, Deseret News

Taxpayers group threatens lawsuit over police fee

Utility taxes; Allow them in townships
4/07/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Group threatens to sue to halt new police fee
4/07/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Surprise And Suspicion About S.L. County's Police Fee

Yes, that police bill from Southern California is for you
3/12/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Unified police bills mailed from Calif. company, mistaken for scam

Bills for police service in the mail

New police bills arriving this week
3/01/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Politics Up Close: Sheriff Jim Winder

Unified police bills mailed from Calif. company, mistaken for scam

Jim Bradley: Unincorporated police fee -- a different way to pay
03-04-2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Some religious leaders alarmed by new fee for police service

Salt Lake County ready to mail bills for police service

Kearns residents surprised, angered over police fees

Pick utility tax or police fee, not both, says bill
2/12/10, Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Legislature: Police fees could be replaced with franchise tax
2/12/10, Deseret News

Goodbye, police fee; hello, utility tax?
2/9/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

County council backtracking on UPD public safety fee

Legislature may provide alternative for UPD fee
2/9/2010, Deseret News

Unified Police Department hits snag with billing list
2/3/2010, Deseret News

Salt Lake County plans mailers, open houses to explain police fees
1/26/2010, Deseret News

New police fee stings low-income apartments
1/20/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Give us information
1/14/2010, Deseret News

Fighting crime pays: Police bills coming for unincorporated SL County
1/12/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Police fee to be imposed in parts of SL County

Residents of Unincorporated SL County to Pay Police Protection Fees

Police fee plan gets OK in Salt Lake County
1/11/2010, Deseret News

Council makes few changes to UPD fee system

Salt Lake County?s police fees may tap churches, too
1/10/2010, Salt Lake Tribune

Churches Face Police Protection Fee
1/10/2010, ,

Residents, Business Owners Protest Proposed Police Fees

County To Charge Fees For Policing

Public turns out in opposition to UPD fee system

Unified Police Department

Some Salt Lake County residents concerned about new fee for police force

Some Salt Lake County Residents To Pay For Police

Some Salt Lake County residents to pay fee for police force

Fees Increase to Fund Police Protection

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